Hotel Galini (in Greek, tranquillity) opened its doors to welcome its first guests in 1979, and was one of the first hotels to operate in a Sifnos of an entirely different era. The love, warmth and genuine – in the simplest, truest sense of the word – hospitality of the people of Galini (which has always been a quintessential family business) earned the loyalty of its guests, and clients became friends who returned to their favourite rooms, year after year, treating it as a second home. As the years rolled by much has changed, both on our island and in tourism itself. And although it is, undoubtedly, important to adapt to the times, some things must stay the same, and certain values are timeless. So it is with as much love that we return this summer (almost forty years later), renewed, with a fully renovated, contemporary hotel, which more than meets the expectations and demands of a new era. But we still stand firm on the values we inherited from our founder, as we open our doors, once again, to welcome you with the warmth and hospitality of the old Sifnos, the one we fell in love with.